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Underwater gun Classic 100cm


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NC100C – Wooden underwater rifle Classic

Hand-made body and handle made of selected iroko-mahogany laminate, connection and protection made with epoxy and polyurethane resins

Side reinforcement with carbon and integral guide made of carbon

Universal handle
Ermes Double Roll mechanism and all metal parts made of 316L stainless steel
6.5mm x 130 cm sandvik darts with 4 hooks

Primeline setup rubber circular 2×15.5mm – Full dyneema ogive
Rubber anti-slip and shock-absorbing pad on the heel of the rifle for easier cocking

A slot for adding weights to adjust the balance according to the user's taste, the initial setup is neutral
The rifle comes equipped with an Ermes Falco 57 reel with a coiled 1.5mm polyester line, 1.6mm nylon lead and all other equipment, ready to hunt.

All our rifles are target tested (3x accuracy test at 4m, 2x ultimate range test, 1x endurance test) and balanced before sale

Dimensions NC100P without arrow: 125 cm - with arrow 140 cm

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