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General Sale Terms & Conditions

These general terms of sale and delivery of goods are an integral part of all sales and delivery contracts of goods and services that Neo Carbon d.o.o. headquartered in Podstrana, Zvonimirova 2a concludes with its Customers and Customers during the regular performance of their business. Neo Carbon d.o.o. these terms, as well as their amendments, will be published on their websites as well as possibly on another in this convenient manner. Based on these conditions Neo Carbon d.o.o. performs as a Seller of Goods and a Service Provider from the scope of his regular performance. Pursuant to these Terms, the Buyer shall be deemed to be any person whose order has been accepted by Neo Carbon.


Ordered products are delivered to your door or the address you defined in the order process. We will deliver the products by express delivery within the shortest possible time, depending on the payment method chosen. If you have selected a viral payment, the goods are delivered only after the payment is made (according to bank statements – as usual, the next business day). If you have selected a payout, the products will be sent the same day after the order has been made, depending on the availability at the warehouse. If the product is not available at the warehouse, we will contact you and inform you in which period we can deliver the product and check if it is suitable for you. In case of a deviation, the buyer will be informed promptly, and in the event of the occurrence of ‘force majeur’ Neo Carbon d.o.o. does not take responsibility for possible delays and undertakes to deliver the goods as soon as possible. The cost of delivery is borne by the customer according to the Croatian Post Office Price List, depending on the weight of the shipment and the delivery point. The buyer may request delivery to another courier service, and this information should be noted in the note. In the case of choosing another form of delivery, from the time of delivery from Neo Carbon d.o.o. All costs and risks are taken over by the customer. Please be sure to check the packaging when picking up the order. In the event of damage to the packaging indicating possible product damage, please inform us promptly. Please do not open any damaged packaging before contacting us! When purchasing a customer, it is imperative to check the contents of the shipment for damage and all the relevant parts specified in the manufacturer’s specifications. In case of shortcomings or damages please inform us as soon as possible via e-mail or letter, and at latest within 2 days of delivery. We can not accept any later complaints! The consignment is handed over to the recipient, the legal representative or the person authorized by the recipient to receive the shipment. If the consignment can not be delivered to the consignee in the first attempt, a shipment notice will be provided at the address stated in the carrier. The notice contains a contact telephone number for the re-dispatch agreement and indicates the date on which the consignment is stored in the warehouse prior to return to the consignor. If the recipient is identified within the time the consignment is stored in the warehouse, the consignment shall be deemed to have been duly dispatched by leaving the consignment note. The consignment is re-delivered at most once without a special fee if a new delivery date has been agreed within the deadline. Any further re-delivery is specifically agreed and charged according to the price list of the service provider if the amount of the reimbursement is not fixed by the contract. The stated delivery conditions apply exclusively to the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Delivery of ordered products abroad is possible only upon agreement.


The consumer may advertise the goods purchased from Neo Carbon d.o.o. only to the e-mail address: In the case of hidden deficiencies that were not visible when taking over, the provisions of the Mandatory Obligations Act shall apply. The existence of hidden disadvantages on goods can also be established through a court expert. Under the Mandatory Obligation Act, consumers can advertise goods 2 years after purchase. The slave you are returning must be completely undamaged, free of dirt, unchanged, and in the original packaging. In the event of a product return or service delivery due to a defect, the product must be clean and accompanied by a description of the defect or cause of return or advertising. The buyer is obliged to contact us by email to Neo Carbone d.o.o. the goods he has sold to the consumer does not take over, but the consumer has to carry out the refund of the goods themselves and bear the direct costs of returning the goods. The goods can only be returned to the address:

Neo Carbon d.o.o.

Cetinska 15

21210 Solin

Neo Carbon d.o.o. enables all customers to send any inquiries, disputes and complaints to the above address or to the mail address  for information on the manner, possibilities and terms of return of goods by Neo Carbon d.o.o. oral and telephone remarks and complaints about the return of the goods will be disregarded. Following the above mentioned Neo Carbon d.o.o. recommends to its customers:

• take good care of the characteristics of the goods listed in the offer on the web site when choosing the goods,

• If the packaging is damaged, do not take over the goods, but pay attention to the packaging damage to the consignor (postal service) and request that the goods be returned to the consignor or the Neo Carbon d.o.o. otherwise you believe that you have taken the goods with the undamaged packaging,

• If the packaging is undamaged and you have purchased the goods, carefully remove the packaging with as little damage as the damaged packaging reduces the value of the goods,

• Check the goods if there is visible damage (eg broken part, scratches caused by transport or misplaced) as soon as you can notify Neo Carbon d.o.o. and return the goods without using it, because any further handling of the goods reduces the value of the goods.

In case the buyer orders the goods and refuses to accept it without cause (the packaging is not damaged), Neo Carbon d.o.o. has the right to deny the paid-in amount of the purchase price the amount of direct reimbursement costs of the Neo Carbon d.o.o. is responsible for the material defects of the items sold on its pages in accordance with the relevant regulations, in particular the Law on obligations of the Republic of Croatia.

Neo Carbon d.o.o. in cooperation with the service determines which category the returned goods are after receiving the goods. Products advertised afterwards will be repaired within the warranty period in the authorized service listed on the warranty sheet delivered with the goods.

Payment methods

– cash on delivery

– money transfer