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We proudly present our wooden spearguns at a fantastic price !!! 

The entire Neo Carbone team has teamed up and successfully designed and manufactured their own wooden spearguns for even more enjoyment in underwater fishing.

Combining decades of experience in underwater fishing and technical knowledge, after months of testing and rehearsing, we are proud to present and offer our wooden rifles. The spearguns are handmade made of a combination of mahogany and iroko wood. The beauty, durability and color fastness of noble mahogany is well known to all. Iroko … an African tree that is highly prized and can be compared to teak, except that it is not greasy to the touch. It is characterized by its firmness and pronounced elasticity.

Well balanced, they have a hydrodynamic shape of cuttle bone that allows for quick lateral movements, so hunting with them is pure pleasure. They are also extremely strong because they can withstand larger band setup. With all these characteristics, it is not negligible that their price is very competitive in comparison with the prices of such products on the market. They are made in few sizes and each has the ability to select two different sets of bands.

Our NC speargun models

Our NCP speargun models
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Our NCR speargun models