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Fins monobloc closed heel fins with unbreakable technolpolymereb lade.
– TPE SEBS overmolded footpocket.
– The VEGA fin has been designed with fol-lowing features:
– COMFORT no pain after several hours of use.
– FINESSE for an excellent coefficient of pene-tration into thew ater.
– LIGHTNESS efficiency and stamina for fining increased by decresaing the mass
– HIGH-PERFORMANCE Unique architecture shaped on blade surface ,high flexibility,
optimized gravity & heave center points.
– RELIABILITY & DURABLITY by using high-performance materialsu: nbreakable Technopolymere
for the blade and TPE SEBS overmolded for the footpcoket, with new
gene-ration of manufacturing process for perfect quality results.
– The VEGA fin is only 900gr (1.76 lbs) on size 2, 435gr (0.96 l bf)or footpocket only.
– This is one of the more technical and light fin of its grade. Aavilable in 4 sizes.

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