Epsealon Exium G2

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Power, accuracy, ergonomics : aluminium bi tubing structure a(ptended system) ovoïdale
section combining lateral hydrodynamism and high stiffness for a high bending resistance to obtain
an optimum shot accuracy.
dyneema wisinox 17-4HP thermical treatment for high bending
Resistance. – Ergonomical handle designed with a ideal angle between the handle and the speargun axle.
– Handle and loading support over molded with a non-slip TPE thermoplastic elastomer for a better
– Target line cleared. 100% stainless steel mechanism.
– Adjustment of the trigger sensibility and safety device are complete in a single left/right lever.
– Ultra light muzzle G2 with line-holder (patented system).
– Removable stainless steel bridge for rapid switch open/closed muzzle.
– Full length barrel TPE shaft guide for avoiding noises and friction on the shaft.
– Length 75/90/100 equipped with notched shaft 6.25mm inox Sandvik thermical treatment for high bending
– Mono circular rubber band ShockWave 18mm and threaded flat atriculated wishbone Length
110/120/130 equipped with Wired shark fins shaft 7mm inox 17-4HP thermical treatment for high bending
resistance. Double circular rubber band ShockWave 16mm and thraeded dyneema wishbones.